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Birth  Abt 1796  Natches Dist., Span. LA 
Sex  Male 
Died  Aft 4 May 1869  Newton Co., TX 
Person ID  I02716  Default Tree 
Last Modified  06 Dec 2005 
Father  LITTLE BERRY WEST, b. Abt 1763, Halifax Co., VA 
Mother  TABITHA A. (WEST), b. Abt 1767, Virginia 
Group Sheet  F1045  Default Tree 
  • x36 Gadi West, son of Littleberry West.
    aka: Godi

    L&D-115: Newton County Nuggets, p. 176. THE WEST by Opal Sterling Jackson.

    Gadi West, Pvt. - DeClovet's Regiment, Louisiana Militia.
    (see below)

    FGR & Letter dated 11 Jan 1997. Bobbie Harvey File.
    Gadi West, Pvt. - John K. Goff's Co., LA Militia, War of 1812.
    (see above)

    Character Certificates in the General Land Office of TX.
    #2685. Nacogdoches, 3 Oct 1835. No. 87. Gadie West, Native of USA emigrated 1829, married with family of eight persons. Gadi (x) West

    Ft. Worth Gen. Society. "Footprints" Bound Vol. 21-22, 1978-79 & Vol. 22, No. 1. Feb 1979, p. 39-47.
    1 May 1835 Census taken by order of The Company of the Precinct of Bevil.
    West, Gadi 35 1800 Married Farmer MS
    Bivins, Polly 33 1802 Married Wife MS
    West, Patsy 13 1822 Single Dau MS Betsy (Elizabeth)
    .........Tabitha 11 1824 Single Dau MS
    .........Talitha 9 1826 Dau ??
    .........Winny 7 1825 Dau TX
    .........Richard 5 1830 Son TX
    .........Seborn 2 1833 Son TX

    Curtis Jacobs Collection. Written Notes. Ref. p. 121.
    1835 Texas Census. Shows Patsy as Betsy (Elizabeth), and a son age 15. Other notes.

    1840 Natchitoches Par., LA Census. p. 167.
    West, Godi
    Under 5 2 Sebourn 5 / James Riley 3
    5 - 10 2 Richard Berry 7 / ?
    40 - 50 1 Gadi 44
    Under 5 2 ? / ?
    5 - 10 2 Talitha 14 / Winney Mosella 9
    10 - 20 2 Elizabeth 18 / Tabitha 16
    30 - 40 1 Mary 35

    1850 Newton Co., TX Census. #218 (also Information Exchange, 10 Jul 1997. Linda Wright File).
    West, Gadi 54 1796 Farmer MS bro. to Levi O.
    .....Mary 45 1805 Wife MS sister to Winney Bivens
    .....Winney Mosella 19 1831 Dau MS
    .....Richard Berry 17 1833 Son TX
    .....Sebourn Clay 15 1835 Son TX
    .....James Riley 13 1838 Son TX
    .....Henry 8 1842 Son TX
    .....Martha Ann 7 1843 Dau LA
    .....Susanna * 4 1846 Dau LA
    ....Sinia Ann ** 2 1848 Dau LA Cynthia Ann
    * There was a Susanna West in Caldwell Co., TX that I believe was kin to the Richard & Jefferson Wests & was also born in 1846.
    ** Cynthia Ann was born in the same year as Levi O. West Sr.'s daughter Cynthia Ann. COULD THESE TWO GIRLS BELONG TO OTHER HOUSEHOLDS?

    Curtis Jacobs Collection. Ref. p. 38.
    1850 Newton Co., TX Census. See above.

    1860 Age abt 64. Ck Harris Co., TX

    1870 Age abt 74

    Prodigy Printout to Samuel West from Betty Vaughn. Charlotte Larson Fil

    Pedigree Charts, FGR & Information Sheets. Betty Vaughn File.

    Pedigree Charts & Notes. Shar Lee West File.

    Curtis Jacobs Collection. Ref. p. 95.
    Texas Census, 1829-1935 (a Mexican census). See above.

    Curtis Jacobs Collection. Littleberry & Tabitha (?) West.
    FGR, Ref. p. 83. Gives POB as Natchez Dist., GA ; 2/w Adeline Buswaugh m. 9 May 1869.

    Curtis Jacobs Collection. Gadi & Mary Bivens "Polly" West.
    FGR. Ref. p. 85. 2/w Adeline Buswayah m. 4 May 1869 Harris Co., TX.

    Curtis Jacobs Collection. Ref. p. 15.
    FGR Index File Cards. See Gadi West.

    Curtis Jacobs Collection. Ref. p. 17.
    FGR Index File Cards. See Littleberry West.

    WFT Vol. 1, pre-1600 to present. Pedigree #5620.
    Gives DOB as abt 1798; Gives POB as Mississippi

    Information Exchange, 10 Jul 1997. Linda Wright File.
    1835 Census of Bevel Dist., The first census of Texas, 1829-1836. See above.

    Descendancy Chart of William West, Sr. Patricia Forrest File.

    E-mail dated 3 Jun 1998. Chalmers Williams File.
    Gadi West information
    ...gives DOB as 1774, MS
    ...gives DOD as aft 9 may 1869, Newton Co., TX
    ...Residences: Natchez Dist., Span LA; St. Tammany Par., LA; Bevil Dist., Mex. TX; Natchitoches Par., LA; Jasper Newton & Harris Co., TX.
    ...Comments: Bounty Land Warrant 43341-80-55. West received 4,605 acres Headright plus other lands. He came to TX in 1829 with some of his brothers and
    Britton Hall (James Britton West was probably named after this man! - Jim Allen)
    ...Sources: Gifford White, Character Certificates in the General Land Office of Texas (1985), p. 191; Pierson, LA; Soldiers in War of 1812, p. 123; Newton Co., Nuggets, p. 176.

    Packet dated 5 Nov 1998. Ruth Walker File.
    LOUISIANA ANCESTORS, by Damon Veach.
    ...In 1829, George Washington Jones places $1,000 with the court as security for the appearance of "Berry West, Littleberry West and Gade West" in court of Washington Parish. Littleberry and Gade pledged "a certain negro boy named Peter" to George W. Jones in the event they forfeited the bond.

    Packet dated 5 Nov 1998. Ruth Walker File.
    St. Tammany Par., LA Marriage Records
    ...1822 Gadi West to Mary River (sic Biven), p. 113

    Packet dated 5 Nov 1998. Ruth Walker File.
    William West (Sr.) ODC on disk.

    E-mail link dated 7 Nov 1998. Kitty B. Hoffman Biven FGS hard copies from Internet. Ruth Walker File.

    Packet dated 5 Nov 1998. Ruth Walker File.
    Family Sketches. In Colonial America, F516

    Packet dated 5 Nov 1998. Ruth Walker File.
    Family Sketches. James Marion West F518-F519

    E-mail dated 11 Jan 1999. Ruenell Vaughn File.
    ...concerning #5620

    E-mail w/WMVAUGHN.tif attachment dated 13 Jan 1999. Ruenell Vaughn File.
    ...pic of Sophronia and her son, William Alexander.

    E-mail dated 14 Jan 1999. Ruenell Vaughn File.
    ...Gadi West ODC.
    ...Gadi was listed in Texas first census - 1835 Bevil Dist. (see above). The Bevil Dist. was located between the Neuches & Sabine Rives in what later became Newton & Jasper Counties, TX.
    ...1850 Newton Co., TX Census - see above.

    CHACTER CERTIFICATES IN THE GENERAL LAND OFFICE OF TEXAS. From the files of the Gen. Land Office, Austin. Frank Barrow File.
    2152 - West, Gadei
    Dist. of Bevil. 4 Oct 1835. Certify Gadei West came 1829, a native of Mississippi hath a family of eight persons. Wm. Williams Alcalde

    De la Warre Pedigree Chart. Charles West File.
    ...very long and rolled up and will not be found in Charles West File.

    E-mail dated 3 Apr 2000. Linda Wright File.
    E-mail from Kitty Hoffman dated 22 Jan 1999.
    ...Notes from a newspaper man around Leesville, LA named Culpit, listed Levi's wife as a Cryer. When I was in Houston last year looking, I found an 1850 census which listed Levi's wife as Biven (don't think so, unless annoted - Jim Allen). Gadi and one of his brothers lived in Anacoco, LA where my ggfather, William Langton settled. They lived within traveling distance all their lives I believe. Corrine Langton Jones was a wonderful lady I met in Anacoco who helped me gather much information on the Langton's and two Biven lines of Henry's (brother to Winney)....

    E-mail dated 22 Apr 2000 fwd from Wilma Linder. Kitty Hoffman File.
    ...see James Biven, Sr. for content.

    E-mail dated 1 Jun 2000. Kitty Hoffman File.
    ...my Biven line has two females who md. sons of Littleberry West (that would be Winnie/Levi & Mary/Gadi - Jim Allen).

    E-mail dated 25 Jun 2000. Ruth Walker File.
    HENRY BIVENS OF NEWTON CO., TX - via Kitty B. Hoffman

    Descendants of Thomas West. ODC by Bob Spurgeon. Lorraine Provine File.
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