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Thomas Grubbs GOOCH

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Birth  Abt 1800  Bedford Co. Va 
Christened  of Shelby then Logan Co., Ky 
Sex  Male 
Died  15 Jan 1874  Oakville, Logan Co., KY. 
Buried  Shelby Co., Ky book 3 p 467 19 aug 1816 guardian 
Person ID  I08992  Default Tree 
Last Modified  09 Sep 2003 
Father  Thomas GOOCH, Sr, b. Abt 1739, Albemarle Co. Va 
Mother  Lucy GRUBBS, b. Abt 1745, Albemarle Co. Va 
Group Sheet  F4050  Default Tree 
Father  Thomas Claiborne Gooch, b. Jul 1750, , Hanover Co., Vir. 
Mother  Lucy Grubbs, b. Jun 1755, Albemarle Co., Vir. 
Group Sheet  F4055  Default Tree 
Family 1  Mary Rose Allbright, b. Abt 1833, , , Alabama 
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Group Sheet  F4052  Default Tree 
Family 2  Julia Ann Washburn, b. 6 May 1806, , Washington Co., KY. 
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 1. Emily Jane Gooch, b. 26 Oct 1825, Oakville, Logan Co., KY.
 2. Lucy Elizabeth Gooch, b. 11 Nov 1827, Oakville, Logan Co., KY.
 3. Thomas Claiborne Gooch, b. 20 Mar 1830, Oakville, Logan Co., KY.
 4. John Higgason Gooch, b. 26 Sep 1833, Oakville, Logan Co., KY.
 5. William Benjamin Gooch, b. 22 Dec 1837, Oakville, Logan Co., KY.
 6. Amanda Catherine Gooch, b. 1840, Oakville, Logan Co., KY.
 7. Alexander Green Gooch, b. 29 Mar 1843, Oakville, Logan Co., KY.
 8. Jonathan Asher Gooch, b. 1845, Oakville, Logan Co., KY.
Group Sheet  F4053  Default Tree 
Family 3  Julia Ann WASHBURN, b. Abt 1800, of Logan Co., Ky 
Group Sheet  F4054  Default Tree 
  • Shelby Co., Ky book 3 page 467 Joel Harnsbrouh is Guardian for Thomas minor heir of Thomas deceased 19 Aug 1816 --- estate bundle 39 #20 appraiusment 3-489, sale bills 3-485 settlement 4-343 and guardian settlements 5-190, 5-416, 4-60, 3-467, 4-66; 5-37 & 4-189.

    3-486 Miss Gooch; Lucy Gooch Sr; Thomas Gooch; Lucy GOoch admix; and Lucy Gooch
    4-3 Lucy Gooch widow Isaac Wilson; Joel Hansbrough; John JOnes; John Grubbs; THomas Gooch; Susanna Colson;Thomas Grubbs Gooch born 25 Dec. 1800 in Shelby Co., Kentucky. The only son to
    live to maturity. His oldest brother John A. was killed 13 May 1807, Thomas
    Grubbs Gooch was only 5 and 1/2 years old. The other brother Higgerson Grubbs
    Gooch died in his middle twentys. Thomas was about eleven years old. And when
    his father Thomas Gooch died Dec, 1815, Thomas Grubbs was about 15 years old.
    His sisters were all married and he was left to take care of his mother.
    He didan excellent job caring for his mother until her death in Logan Co.,
    Thomas Grubbs Gooch chose Joel Hansbrough to be his guardian, believing
    that he should be trained to have some kind of trade for him to be able to meet
    the world, so Joel Hansbrough appointed Thomas to a Mr. Collins, who taught him
    cabinet making and working with iron.
    He learned to make furniture from pine,walnut, and cherry.
    Thomas G. Gooch learned to work with iron and made some very useful
    articles, such as andirions of fire dogs, hammers, knives, scissors. What he
    made most often was horse shoes.
    When Thomas Grubbs Gooch's fatherdied in 1815, the farm, the stock, and
    most of the farm implements were sold.And as he had finished his schooling,
    now about 21 years old (1821), he loadedhis mother's belongings on the wagon
    and hitched the mules to the wagon whichheld the house furniture and his own
    articles. He then hitched the horses tothe carriage, which carried his
    mother's clothes, helped his mother into the carriage. They began to leave his
    three sisters, Lucy Hansbrough, Susan Colgan,, and watching them tearfully
    drive away, hense the chance to see them again in life was most uncertain.
    They drove to Logan County, reaching in 4 and1/2 days, where they were
    greeted by John Grubbs (the husband of their daughter Mary Polly Grubbs who had
    died in 1818. She left three children who had migrated to Logan Co., from
    Mercer Co., Ky. After reaching Logan Co., they bought136 acres of land
    adjoining John Grubbs and with the 15 slaves they brought with them, they soon
    built a temporary house to live in, a well was dug and fences were built.
    Thomas Grubbs Gooch joined with the people who lived near. It wasn't long
    until he knew all his neighbors.
    In about two years he met and married Julia Ann Washburn, the daughter of
    Phillip and Elizabeth McNair. The Washburn's had moved from Washington Co., Ky.
    The year was 1823.
    They had born to them eight children.
    1820 Census Lincoln Co., pg-41 or 65
    Thomas Gooch (only two listed in whole state)
    1826 Nov. 17, Will Book C., pg-347-349 sale of Philip Washburn. Administrator
    Thomas G. Gooch. Inventory and apprasisal 11/16/1826.
    1827 June 4, Will Book C. pg-407 sales of John Washburn, administrator Thomas
    G. Gooch
    1828 Sept. 18, Will Book D. pg- 128, Inventory of Robert Mimms.Thomas G.
    Gooch one of the appraisers.
    1830 April 14, Thomas G. Gooch witnessed will of William Chastain
    1830 Census Logan Co., Ky. pg-46, Russellville
    Thomas G. Gooch
    1840 Census Record Logan Co., Ky. pg-89
    2 males 0-51 female 0-5
    2 males 5-10 1 female 10-15
    1 male 10-151 female 15-20
    1 male 30-40 1 female 30-40 1 female 80-90(Lucy)
    1850 Census Logan Co. pg-76
    T.G. Gooch.....age 49
    J..................43 and family
    1860 Census Logan Co., Ky.
    Thomas Grubbs Gooch was in the Civil War. He sided with the South and the
    northern troops tried to capture him,for he was a wealthy man, and was a good
    blacksmith as well.
    He left home andmoved to Alabama during the war. He later came home,
    arriving about Sunday. "Old Wash" a slave, saw him riding up to the home place.
    Sounding the old dinner bell, alarming all the people in the neighborhood. They
    all came to greet him, and cooked a feast and rejoicing began.
    1864 May 15th at home (letter to Thomas Gooch from Nellie Ingram)
    Dr. Gooch,
    My much esteemed Friend: I receiveda letter sometime ago, dated in
    March from your
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